Meet the world through another’s eyes, ears, nose and fingertips. Colour becomes sound, or sound becomes vibrations. Through fusions of music, movement and colour, Wrong Tree presents ‘Synthesize.’

Who are we and why are we here? A waiting room sets five individuals on a life changing course that navigates their desire to be made whole. But are they willing to forgo what they already have and will they leave with what they came for.

Wrong Tree’s devised production ’Synthesise’ uses the senses to build up realities and interrogates and experiments with what it means to be human. A collision of naturalism and physical theatre reveals that a risk for the future often requires a sacrifice of the past. The present then is marked only by a choice, to make or break. But how long before the time runs out.

TW // Swearing // Flashing Lights

This is a Live Performance staged in the Assembly Rooms Theatre

If you are a Durham University student attending please note that you must attend with proof of a negative DU covid test within the past 48 hours.

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