These Bloody Chambers

These Bloody Chambers

Something is coming. Something terrible. Three girls in the woods. Three Stories. This is a tale of unimaginable horrors, of everyday terrors. But who are the monsters? Where is the darkness? How can we find the light? Only one thing is certain No one is coming to save you.

Three girls in the woods. One boy, tied up. Helpless. Roles are reversed. The line between victim and violators are blurred. Over the course of the night the girls tell their tale, based upon Angela Carter’ stories The Erl-King and Wolf Alice in ‘The Bloody Chambers’. The real horror is the failed system, making it all too easy to slip through the cracks, will the characters ultimately find revenge? Will they sink to violence and degradation? Can you really fight fire with fire? Is female solidarity strong enough to keep them afloat in this dangerous storm? No one is coming to save them.

TW // Violence // Sexual Assault // Racism // Suicide

This is a Live Performance staged in the Assembly Rooms Theatre

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