Pirates of Penzance at the Tent

Pirates of Penzance  at the Tent

A comic operetta, following the fortunes of Frederic, a young pirate, as he comes to the end of his apprenticeship and falls in love, but is he really as free as he thinks?

It is assumed he will marry his ex-nursemaid, but he meets Mabel, who agrees to marry him so that he can enter polite society. When the Pirates force Mabel and her sisters into marrying them, they are saved by the trickery of their father. A mix-up with Frederic's birthday forces him to give up Mabel, to complete 63 years more service. A group of policemen ponder the difficulties of capturing the Pirates. Battle ensues, before a shock revelation leads to peace, happiness, and a wedding for good measure!

This Event is held at the Tent on the Racecourse, our brand new performing arts venue which will be running a variety of events across June. This is a covid-safe event, with marshalls in place to ensure you can enjoy the entertainment in safety!

Ticket Prices: £8 Standard, £6 Concession, £5 DST available online until midnight on June 23rdt  

Please note that due to special requirements relating to social distancing the ticket link below is inactive - Instead you can purchase tickets Here

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