Doctor Who!

Doctor Who!

Ooook! returns with its annual 'sitcom'. This year its Dr Who adapted by Harry Threapleton. The Doctor and Donna are investigating Adipose Industries and its mysterious weight loss pills, comically missing each other at every turn. They must work together to stop the Racnoss and her army of robot Santas.

Donna Noble’s life changed forever the day she met the Doctor. Years ago, on what was meant to be her wedding day, she found herself teleported into his Tardis (a bigger on the inside police box that can travel through time and space) and found herself in a battle against a creature from another world.

But then the pair parted ways and life went back to normal. Determined to do good in the world and hopeful to find the Doctor again, Donna investigates Adipose Industries and their supposedly miraculous weight loss pills. Little does she know that the Doctor is there also, and that the pair of them will have to contend with an all new, much cuter threat.

Adapted from the hilarious episodes “The Runaway Bride” and “Partners In Crime”, this play is a non-stop rollercoaster of energy, thrills and fun that traverses time and space.

Content Warnings: flashing lights/ diet culture/ sexual references/ references to and depictions of violence/ audience interaction/ arachnophobia


£7 Standard    

£6.50 Concession

£6 DST Members  

This event takes place at Sir Thomas Allen Assembly Rooms Theatre

Doors will open at 7pm (2pm), the Show will start at 7.30pm (2:30pm) and finish approximately at 10pm (5pm), including a 20-minute interval

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