Michael Gore’s Theatre World Award winning bloodthirsty musical ‘Carrie’ is a dynamic and dramatic show about a girl whose powers will ensure Prom night takes an unexpected, gory turn…

Carrie is an outcast. Overpowered by her ferociously religious mother, and restricted by her inhibitions, she is taunted and harassed by her classmates. She is lost, alone, and miserable. The twist in the tale lies in her telekinetic powers, unbeknownst to her peers. When she is publicly humiliated at her school prom, it is Carrie's turn to take control - and revenge.

TW // Blood, gore // Death // Fanatical Christianity // Sexual References // Explicit Language // Mature Themes

This is a Live Performance staged in the Assembly Rooms Theatre

If you are a Durham University student attending please note that you must attend with proof of a negative DU covid test within the past 48 hours.

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