'Measure For Measure' By William Shakespeare

'Measure For Measure' By William Shakespeare

A gothic inspired adaptation of Shakespeare's most provocative problem play, 'Measure for Measure', follows Isabella in her attempt to save her brother's life against the backdrop of a vice-ridden Vienna.

The Duke has mysteriously left Vienna and his secondary, Anglo is left to rule the city with an unforgiving morality. He begins to punish those who engage in ‘sinful’ debauchery and sexual deviancy. One of his unfortunate prisoners is the sensitive Claudio, who is punished for impregnating his fiancé. Claudio’s sister, Isabella, is dragged from the comfort of her nunnery, to plead with Angelo for the life of her brother. Tackling issue of justice vs. mercy, lust vs. restraint and power vs. truth 'Measure For Measure' asks what power women can have in a world dominated by men and their inescapable objectification.

Content Warning: Sexual assault // Rape // Prostitution // Death  


£7.50 Standard    

£6.50 DST Members

Free for Under 16's  

This event takes place at the Sir Thomas Allen Assembly Rooms Theatre

Doors will open at 7pm, the Show will start at 7.30pm and finish approximately at 10pm including a 15-minute scheduled interval.


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