Woman on Fire

Woman on Fire

This explosive one-woman show, celebrates the centenary of women first winning the vote - a landmark in the history of women’s rights and takes you into the fiery core of the UK militant suffrage movement. A journey that will take you from Preston to Manchester - London to Glasgow and back.

How far you will go for what you believe in?

Enter the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous women, in history. Terrorist or impassioned freedom fighter? This dynamic solo-performance lets you decide.

The turbulent history of the suffragettes, through the eyes and life of Mrs Edith Rigby – mild-mannered doctor’s wife, with a secret identity – arsonist, bomber and militant suffragette.

‘What makes a little girl of principle become a lurking shadow in the night?

Woman on Fire sheds light on suffragette history and the mystery that is Edith Rigby.

Parental guidance 14 plus..

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